The Recipe of Sarah Emma Photography


The Night-Time Sky
Blue Seas
Strings of Twinkly Lights
Bouquets of Wildflowers
Camper Vans
The Golden Hour


  1. Create a stress-free environment: pop on your favourite music, make yourself a hot drink, light a candle or two, and add/remove any other steps to induce a relaxed state of mind in yourself.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the Wanderlust with the Camper Vans and Sunsets, and watch as cotton-candied skies develop in front of your eyes.
  3. Next, spray a spritz of YSL’s Babydoll perfume into the air, then add the Blue Seas into the mix and relax as a serene seaside sunset swirls in the bowl.
  4. After leaving the mix to settle for a few minutes – and take a few sips of your hot drink – throw in the Strings of Twinkly Lights and The Night-Time Sky, and be transported to a warm summer night.
  5. Watch the mixture for a while and be carried away by the melodies you’re listening to.
  6. Add the next ingredients gently – the Sunflowers and Bouquets of Wildflowers – before sprinkling the Make-Believe over the top. Careful not to sneeze, as a glittery mess will now emit from the mix.
  7. Pour in the Rainbows, infusing the mixture with a burst of technicolour and happiness. Finally, when you are ready, add the final ingredient, The Golden Hour, and then you have completed the magical journey of creating Sarah Emma Photography.

The end result will be photographs laden with a view of the world steeped in curiosity and imagination, time frozen in moments of wonder. Come along for the rest of the journey, and enjoy your time in the little corner of the internet that is home to Sarah Emma Photography.


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Oh! Don’t forget to extinguish any candles you lit…