jumpI am Sarah, an eternal dreamer, thinker, and photograph maker. Living and loving in London, striving to enjoy the little things and chasing the quiet moments in this city of mine.

Sarah Emma Photography is the umbrella under which I pursue my photographic adventures, with many homes on the crazy thing we call the internet: this blog, Instagram, and Twitter (plus, an Etsy shop which will be up and running fully soon). Photography has been a lifelong love, and with Sarah Emma Photography I am allowing it to truly take flight.

With my camera lens focused on the world around me, I see magic and mystery everywhere. Forever capturing the little details in life – the fading light during sunset, a cluster of wildflowers, the steam rising from a cup of tea, the sea kissing the shore. These moments are fleeting, but I love to catch them in a frozen picture. The world fascinates me, and I want to photograph it for as long as I can.

Although photography will be the main focus of this blog, I will sometimes write about other topics, especially life itself.

This is a grand old adventure, and I truly, genuinely am glad that you are here. Put the kettle on, stay a while.

“It’s marvellous, marvellous! Nothing will ever be as much fun. I’m going to photograph everything, everything!”

– Jacques-Henri Lartigue 

P.S. If you want to see even more small moments – including many cups of tea and coffee – and read musings on anything/everything to do with life, you’re welcome to follow along on my personal Instagram too: @fateischance.

P.P.S. Still trying to figure out a post schedule that works around here, so blog posts might not always be a regular thing at this point, but we’ll get there – and there’s enough on here at the moment to justify making that cup of tea (or coffee, or something stronger – I won’t judge).