Sarah Emma Photography is the title under which I pursue my photography adventures. Thus far it has mostly been the name for this blog, Twitter, and Instagram. Throughout 2017 further adventures will begin to happen; and I am so happy you are here to share this adventure with me. Photography has been a lifelong love, and now I am allowing it to truly take flight.

I am Sarah:


I live, love, and adventure in London.

I believe that there is magic in the small, everyday moments.

I know that everyone is human, made up of a mixture of light and dark and everything in between.


I like cups of tea, hot chocolate, and the occasional latte. On my personal Instagram, you will find many pictures of hot drinks. On a cold day, I simply hold a cup in my hands, until I realise it has gone cold… I can often be found sitting in a cafe in London, watching the world go by as I sip. Most of the time I just like to sit with someone and have a cup of tea with them, talking about anything and everything. Yes, I do like my cups of tea (and hot chocolates and lattes).


I am deaf, and write about this on here. It is not something I shy away from talking about, as there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding deafness, and I feel it is important to discuss the experience of living with deafness. Whilst there are many common strands and experiences, being deaf can be a different reality for different people; thus, I am just one voice. If you enjoy reading my story, then I encourage you to read other stories – I will start to collect together links to other voices soon.


The general theme of this blog will be photography, but I know that I will also be infusing myself into everything I do…so you can expect a wide range of topics.

I write poetry.

I document my travels.

I read.

I make lists.

I get personal (and if you want more: getting to know me).

Posts that go here, there, and everywhere in London.

…and there are series that will start to take shape as time goes on:

Friday Biz Updates

Travel Thursday

Tea and Sharing

My Happy Places

Sunday Night Inspiration

Little Stories of My Life

Weekend Coffee Share


Finally, if you want to know why I take photographs…read this post.

This is a grand old adventure, and I truly, genuinely am glad that you are here.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

~ Maya Angelou