The 100 Day Project (Part 1)

Since April 4th, I’ve been taking part in #the100dayproject. It is a global art project, where you do something creative every day for 100 days. A bigger, better explanation can be found here. 1-4In the weeks leading up to the first day of the project, I knew I wanted and needed something to do that was just for me. Through the hard months of the winter, some of the little details of life started to fall away, replaced by a day-by-day strategy to just get through the hard days. When spring arrived, I felt a little lost, and in need of something to bring me back to myself. That’s when I remembered being inspired by all the different 100 Day Projects from last year, and began to see the prompts about this year’s challenge.

Thoughts began to appear, and I quickly started to make notes; there were a few different ideas in the pipeline, but I decided on #100daysofsarahwordplay. It was going to be a way to gently nudge myself back to creativity (for the sake of creativity), and an opportunity to document quotes I love, as well as lyrics, and words of my own. There was to be no dominant theme, just whichever words I am pulled towards. In an effort not to drain myself (or the creativity!), I decided to allow myself as many different methods and materials as possible – paint, pens, pebbles with letters painted onto them (which I prepared before the start of the project), alphabet stickers, alphabet stamps, and even things found in nature (so far I have had fun writing things in the sand and making words out of sticks).

(I’ve woven the first 20 days of my project into this post. I learnt early on to let go of the need for perfectionism, after I created and posted a photo with a self-made typo that had me face-palming; on day 5, I missed out the ‘C’ in ‘excites’, as seen below. This actually helped me to loosen up a bit, though, as since then I’ve not worried as much about being neat or about how things look, it’s more about the process – which I think is the whole point.)5-8Then, it began! We are now on day 39, and moving into a different stage of the project. The first few days and weeks were wrapped in a feeling of excitement, of the possibility that a new project brings. It was a time to experiment, and there was very little sense of annoyance. Then it slowly got a bit harder, and there were days when I scrambled to squeeze in the words at the end of the day. It is just something you have to work through when you embark on a project, especially a self-imposed one, because it is another part of the process (and through following other projects, I know I’m not alone in these feelings). Thankfully, it feels like I’ve started to move beyond that stretch now, and it’ll be interesting to see what feelings emerge during the next part. We’re over a third of the way in, and there’s still a long way to go! 9-12Moving into the next phase, there are a couple of things I want to do. Firstly is to possibly plan further ahead, as some days make are harder than others when it comes to finding the time, and having a plan for those days would mean less time spent searching for a quote or thinking of words myself. All this means is to have quotes saved somewhere – probably on my phone – and ready to create on the day. Now that I’ve gone through the period of experimenting with different methods (and that’s not to say that more won’t emerge!), I know how much time each one takes; it would be a good idea to record this in a notebook, so that I can refer to it occasionally when I’m pressed for time. 13-16One of the loveliest things about doing this project is the lack of comparison; I’m creating almost solely for myself, which means that I’ve not found myself drawn into comparing my work with others. Instead, I’m celebrating and encouraging others, because there’s no room for comparison to grow roots. This has been such a refreshing outcome, because in the world we live in at the moment, with social media so prevalent, it is hard to not occasionally fall into the trap of comparing any aspect of your life/social media presence with others. We are only human, this is simply something that having our lives online has created – and I praise you if you don’t find yourself doing this at all – which is why it’s been lovely to do something creative without the sidekick of comparison.

Another blog post will be coming soon, as I’m going to try and update each time there are 20 posts. I’m looking forward to seeing where the next 61 days take me, and the rest of the community! If you want to follow along, I’m sharing the days on Instagram: @fateischance.

Have you ever done a project like this? Or taking part in #the100dayproject this year? Or in the past?

Happy weekending! 17-20


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