Friday Biz Updates

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” 

– Ralph Waldo Emerson 


With the year coming to an end, many of us have been thinking about the new year and the directions we are going to take. 2017 is going to be a big year for Sarah Emma Photography, and now is the time to create a plan for all the ideas that float around.


Over the years, I have followed the work of Alex Beadon, and her business planning tactics have inspired me. It was through her that I realised I perhaps shouldn’t plan a whole year in advance; whenever I have tried to do this, life often has other plans and will throw a spanner in the works every now and then. Instead, it is much more realistic (for me, at least) to plan for 3 months. When those 3 months are coming to an end, I will then sit down and plan for the next 3 months, and so on. Working in this way will mean that I will constantly and consistently be assessing and working on my goals throughout the year, growing and learning. Planning a year in advance may work well for you, or working on a smaller time-frame may be more beneficial – you just have to think about the way you work, and adjust your planning methods to whichever way helps you to be the most productive.


There are many posts on the internet about running a business, working for yourself, life/work balance, and everything else that comes with being freelance. The best thing I do for myself is seek out the voices that match how I want to work. This takes time, but slowly and surely you will start to be surrounded (even if it is virtually) by people who speak truths that pull you forward. In another post – or posts – I will talk about those who inspire and/or motivate me. For now, just start to add those kind of lights to your own life; Twitter is good for this (I’ve found some great people on there), Instagram is a favourite social media platform (it can be hard to find or fit into a community on there, but persistence will pay off over time – my best tip is to explore hashtags you like, and find people that way), and Pinterest is full of inspiration-sparking articles. In short, just find your people.


Back to the 3 month plan… At the moment I am writing ideas down, and have yet to pull them together, but here are some things I know that the first 3 months of 2017 will contain:

  • Working on *the* website (yes, it’s happening!)
  • Creating a brand for Sarah Emma Photography
  • Figuring out the direction of any products that will be made
  • Launching the website – hopefully – towards the end of the 3 months
  • Getting into a regular posting schedule on the blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…
  • Building a community
  • Start selling on Etsy

Already, that looks like a lot, but I know it is doable. My priority now is to sit myself down and start planning those 3 months; it will be a busy start to the year, but I am really excited to get started. When I have a plan in place, I will do another Friday Biz Updates.


For now, I seem to reside mostly on Twitter and (my personal) Instagram, so feel free to follow me on those platforms:




As we head toward the year’s end, what are you finding yourself thinking about? Are you creating any plans for the new year?


Happy Friday!

P.S. I updated the ‘About’ page this week, have a look if you want to!

P.P.S. All photographs in this post were taken in the #wardsistersstudio… I will do a post about this special space that I share with my sister, Lizzie, soon.


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