This week I have been quiet, even by my standards (and I’m already a fairly quiet person). I wrote on Instagram the other day:

‘I’ve been quiet this week, sometimes you just need that. Something has shifted, and the realigning of perspectives, coupled with the jump in volume on my CI, has been tiring. Not in a bad way, but tiring nonetheless. I’ve been learning more to just go with my heart on a lot of things, and whilst I listen to the opinions of others, I ultimately have to go with what I am pulled towards – we all do.’ 

Being quiet means that you have more of an opportunity to both listen to yourself and to observe the world. Time to reflect, time to watch. For me, personally, I am trying to find the balance between being in my head and being in the moment. I know that I will often come away from a social gathering with thoughts swirling around in my head, I accept that, but I am learning to be more present in the moment when I’m with others. More in the moment, even when I’m with myself.

Earlier this year, in an attempt to stop dwelling on things too much – and to let go of things that were weighing me down – I tried to teach myself to acknowledge a thought, and then let it go. Kind of like meditation, in a way. I am in no means an expert on this topic, but trying to let go of thoughts that weren’t constructive really helped me to move on.

Moving on to better things… 

– She Moves in Her Own Way, The Kooks

The act of listening is a skill in itself. Sometimes it’s not always about what someone is saying, but more about their body language, more about the words they don’t say. Sometimes a lot can be shared between two people in silence. A feeling, a look here and there. Communication is not just about words. When there are words, though, I find that I try to make more of an effort to just listen; too often we are listening to reply. What would we learn if we weren’t thinking about something to say in response? What would happen if we weren’t waiting for our turn to talk? People are fascinating…and I want to learn more about them…so I am trying to listen, listen, listen.

Happy Friday…I hope you can grab a drink with someone this weekend and practice the art of listening.

Hot Chocolate


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