Tea and Sharing

Tonight was a good night, a night of sharing ideas and thoughts about a friend’s new venture. I will reveal more soon…but it was a good night.


I came across a magazine I had bought on a whim a couple of years ago, that was sitting patiently in a magazine file box…and was struck with inspiration whilst looking through it. Thought I would share some of it with you for today’s Tea and Sharing

  1. Tristan Eaton:
    Street Art Bio: Tristan Eaton
    Big City Dreams
    Tristan Eaton: Another Trick in the Wall
    The Spirit of Communication
    I Support Street Art: Tristan Eaton
  2. The Yes! Dumbo Underpass Mural by Yuko Shimizu and Coby Kennedy:
    Instagram – Yukoart
    Instagram – Coby Kennedy
  3. James Gulliver Hancock:
    All The Buildings in New York
  4. Julia Pott:
    I Would Rather Just Hang Out With You

That’s all for tonight, but hope you enjoy looking through the links above – lots of creative inspiration, for sure.

The weekend is almost here…



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