50 Things

Shh – let me tell you a little secret. I missed a day. At least, a NaNoPoblano/NaBloPoMo day. However, I am going to rewind time…and this post will still be posted on the 22nd of November, even though it is the 23rd of November today. Oh, the things we can do… 


I was searching for inspiration from the Promptosaur, and came across this one: Write a list of at least 50 things that make you feel good. I do love lists. Here goes…

  1. Hot chocolate on a cold day. Bonus if it comes with cream.
  2. Big, big hugs with those I love.
  3. Listening to music, especially through my Compilot which we got working today (Tuesday) at my hospital appointment. I can now listen to music wherever I am, without disturbing anyone else!
  4. A shot on the camera coming out just how I wanted it to.
  5. Seeing a rainbow in the sky.
  6. Walking in the rain.
  7. Building inspiration boards, either on Pinterest or in real life with images and inspiration from magazines, catalogues etc.
  8. Wandering around an art gallery.
  9. Discovering poetry that resonates.
  10. Finding little signs of nature in a concrete jungle.
  11. The smiles and giggles of babies.
  12. Snuggling under a blanket and watching a film.
  13. Coming across an artist whose style I like.
  14. The kindness of strangers. (I honestly love seeing this when I’m out and about in London.)
  15. An unexpected meal out.
  16. Listening to a song, then searching for the lyrics and loving it even more.
  17. Cats that want to be loved on – there’s a neighbourhood cat who always wants some love when we pass him/her, makes my heart happy at every encounter.
  18. Chocolate. Do I need to say more? (Favourites are Cadbury and Lindt, in case you were wondering…)
  19. Random cups of tea being made for you; there’s a whole lot of love in a cup of tea being handed to you without asking for one.
  20. Spotting new things on a familiar walk.
  21. Catching up with friends.
  22. Getting a handwritten letter in the post.
  23. Watching Autumn sweep across the trees.
  24. The first signs of Spring.
  25. Picnics on a Summer day.
  26. Catching a sunrise when camping; I caught a couple this summer and it was truly beautiful. The only creatures awake to share it were the campsite rabbits!
  27. Being beside the sea.
  28. Running a hot bath (with lots of bubbles) after a long day.
  29. Finding ‘rainbow’s – a handpainted rainbow floor, a rainbow of colours at the market…anything that resembles a rainbow generally makes me smile.
  30. Making connections online – blog and Instagram friends are awesome.
  31. Cuddles with cats – or dogs.
  32. Having slow mornings at the weekend.
  33. Big bowls of pasta.
  34. Looking up at the night sky and seeing stars.
  35. Wearing lipstick.
  36. Cups of tea (even the ones I make myself).
  37. The occasional coffee – I’m getting reacquainted with Starbucks’ Toffee Nut Lattes at the moment…
  38. Taking photographs during Golden Hour. This is my favourite in the summer, that hour always makes everything beautiful.
  39. Walks along the River Thames.
  40. Christmas decorations – the twinkly lights make everything look magical.
  41. …with that said, I love fairy lights all year round!
  42. Falling into a book.
  43. Taking the time to art journal.
  44. Curating photographs – I’m looking forward to doing more of this as Sarah Emma Photography gets off the ground.
  45. Having deep conversations that meander across a range of topics.
  46. Writing.
  47. Bike rides. I love the feel of the wind whipping my hair. In the summer we cycle along a canal close to us, and there are a handful of pubs that we stop off at. It’s the perfect thing to do on a sunny weekend day.
  48. Making someone smile.
  49. Making someone laugh.
  50. Getting into creativity – and making creative messes!



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