Open Heart

Writing every day this month has been good, but it’s not been without challenges. Some days you stare at the screen and wonder what you should be writing. Some days you look at the screen and you’re just too tired to pull the words out. Then there are the days where you want to write, but your brain is blank when you sit in front of the computer. The other day I asked one of my friends what I should write about, and her reply was to write about something we had spoken about that day. I’m going to slightly adapt the topic.

We had been talking about friendships, or more specifically, about reconnecting with people. It leads me on to a way of living that I strive to: living life with an open heart.

“When you live with an open heart, unexpected, joyful things happen.” 

– Oprah

It can be hard to live like this all the time, but if you take it moment by moment then it is more doable. Sometimes, it’s the moments when I am alone, taking in the world around me without interruptions that I am practising the art of open heartedness. I watch people, privately viewing interactions; I see the ways that people respond to others, the smiles exchanged between strangers, a baby passing on infectious love. In my own interactions, having an open heart is a worthwhile endeavour.

Things that happen when I approach things with an open heart:

  • I experience more kindness, both from others and myself (and even self-kindness)
  • I am more likely to smile at people – and even if I don’t receive one back, the times I do make it worthwhile
  • I feel like I am being more authentic when I strive to have an open heart
  • My senses pick up more, almost as if they are perceiving the world at a deeper frequency
  • You inspire others to be more comfortable with being themselves
  • It gives way to deeper, meaningful conversations
  • It helps you to be brave
  • You may see more beauty around you
  • You draw good towards you

These are just a few of the benefits, and there are many more.

When you string some of those things together, unexpected things really do happen. For example, this week whilst I was walking around London, thoughts and memories kept coming up. A recurring thought swam to the surface repeatedly and I couldn’t ignore it. That night I did something brave, without expecting anything in return. The following night, something happened as a result of this action. It was unexpected, prompted mixed emotions, but it may lead to something good. If I had suppressed the thoughts and emotions I had on that day, when I was walking around London, then I may have missed an opportunity. I would have missed a chance to receive something with an open heart.

What do you notice around you when you live with an open heart?



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