Travel Thursday

Starting another new series on this little space: Travel Thursday. Each post in the series will spotlight a different place, from around the UK, or further afield around the world. Go and get yourself a hot drink (maybe this should become a requirement at the start of every post?!), and settle down for a little bit of travel – from the comfort of where you are right now!

Autumn has weaved its way into October, turning the leaves hues of gold, brown, purple… The air has been cold in London, prompting you to throw on another jumper and wrap a scarf around yourself. There will soon be months of bare trees and icy mornings; but right now I am trying to soak in as much autumnal goodness as I can.

Rewinding a few months, and throwing it back to a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon in July. There are delights to find in every corner of this place, from the lampposts painted in different colours, the boats named after Shakespeare characters, the lovely 1940s inspired tearoom, the historic buildings, to the theatres where you can experience Shakespeare in different forms. I know there is so much more to explore, and a few things we didn’t get to do – Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Shakespeare’s Birthplace, and the tower at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to name but a few – which means a visit will definitely be on the cards again in the future.

Stayed for a few days with the family, and my sister – Lizzie – blogged about it too, you can find more details about the trip (and why we were there) in this post. The trip was embraced by summers charm: eating alfresco, an open-air boat trip along the River Avon, walks in the warm summer sunshine, and plenty of cute ducklings. I am sure it would be just as wonderful at other times of the year – and I’m thinking it would be magical in the festive season – but I’m glad we got a taste of the place in the summer. (Of course, there was a spot of rain too…it is England, after all!)
















Have you ever been to Stratford-upon-Avon? What are your favourite things about the place? Where have you been lately?

Happy Thursday!


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