Friday Biz Updates

Before we start, you might want to make yourself a cup of tea – or just grab any other drink that floats your boat (Cola Float, perhaps…?).


Settling into a routine around here, and part of the routine will be Friday Biz Updates, posts in which I share news about the latest happenings – which could be anything and everything between the newest listings on our Etsy shop to upcoming photography adventures. It is just basically like a blog version of a newsletter about all things Sarah Emma Photography, and whilst it might not make an appearance on the blog every week*, you can expect it to always be on a Friday, and you will get all the latest business gossip!


We are still in the early days of the business, and it’s been like learning to look after a baby – pretty much learning as we go along. There has been plenty of list making, checklists being checked, research, planning…and a lot of dreaming. Rough timescales have been set and deadlines made.


Business cards have been made:

SEP Business Cards

Prints have been ordered and arrived this week. There is also a poster sized print being produced and depending on the quality of the final product, posters may be in the pipeline too!


In the coming weeks I will be collaborating with a talented web developer to create a website. It will be a work in progress for the last few months of this year, with the hopes that the finished website will be ready to launch at the beginning of next year. I have yet to start researching in this area, which means that I will be pulling on my thinking hat for a few weeks whilst I search the big wilderness of the internet to figure out what I want the look and feel of the website to be like… More updates on this little adventure to come in later Friday Biz Updates!


Another big project at the moment is the branding. There are ideas floating around, but they have yet to be pinned down. There are also plans for the logo design, which will possibly be revealed in the autumn. In brief conversations with the aforementioned web developer, we have talked about fonts for the website and I do know that I want to have all the fonts the same across different platforms – both paper and online – but this is one more thing to research at the moment. Planning for the branding will be done alongside website research, which means that the next time we have a catch-up there will likely be more to report on this front. For now, it is in progress and all very exciting.


Along with all the thinking and planning, there has been some action. The last couple of months have seen me digging through the photography archive and selecting some of the best photographs to be used for different things. Some have been edited, some were selected to be the images on the first batch of business cards, some are seen spread about on the blog, and the rest have become prints (which will be coming to our Etsy shop shortly).


This week has contained some behind-the-scenes tinkering on the blog, along with a few blog posts drafted and ready to be posted soon. Over the next few weeks you will start to see the blog settle in to a routine, with regular posts and themes – Friday Biz Updates won’t be the only regular around here…


The summer has already been full of adventures, and the photographs will soon find their way onto the blog. More adventures are coming, with photographic opportunities at every corner. London in the summer is lovely – so long as you avoid the hot and sticky tube as much as possible – and has presented itself for many pretty urban shots. Stay tuned for photographs, coming to a computer screen near you soon!


All in all, it is an exciting time for the business at the moment as we continue to find our feet and navigate our way into the world. More details will be revealed in the next Friday Biz Updates. Thank you for reading and coming along for the adventure. Most of the photographs in this post (and more!) will be available to buy as prints.


P.S. If you want to keep up to date on another platform, we are on Instagram as @sarahemmaphotography. You are more than welcome to follow along! Until next time…


*Because, you know, in order to make it interesting we need to store up all the business gossip and pack it into one big post that will happen every once in a while. Then, because it will be (hopefully!) a substantial sized blog post, you get to have time to drink that cup of tea without burning your tongue because it was a fly-by-the-edge-of-your-seat-fast kind of blog post.


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