Unspoken farewells Linger over us, Punctuating every memory That I have of you.  Clumsy emotions Bite at my heart,  Uneasiness finds me When I hear your name.  Childhood secrets  Scatter in the winds,  Letting go of you Frees my soul.  – SEW – 25/08/16 Advertisements

100 Things I Love about London: Part 1

London, the city where I was born, grew up, fell in love, and am creating my life in. The city that is full of people, moments, chaos, and calm. A city of contradictions. The city I have a love/hate relationship with. It is the city that has made me savvy, the city that has made…


  Soft, darling, In the dark, Stay soft. Light may fade, When uncertainty Clouds. Remember the years, Moments enveloped Within days. Breathe, my love,  You are magic, Stardust, you are. Your light shines Through everything For me. – SEW – 17/08/16

Sunday Night Inspiration

A – perhaps not so – little secret is that I used to have a WordPress blog that I ran for quite a few years. I would write about anything and everything that was on my mind, often in a rather cryptic manner; thus it was relatable for those who read it from all over…

Friday Biz Updates

Before we start, you might want to make yourself a cup of tea – or just grab any other drink that floats your boat (Cola Float, perhaps…?). Settling into a routine around here, and part of the routine will be Friday Biz Updates, posts in which I share news about the latest happenings – which…