Welcome to the Adventures of Sarah Emma Photography

This is an adventure that has been a long time in the making. Years in the making. In some respects, it is a pretty old, ongoing adventure that is simply entering new territory. Taking photographs of the way I see the world has always been one of my favourite ways of documenting life, ever since I was gifted my first camera as a young girl. Filling up a roll of film and then waiting with anticipation while it was processed started a lifelong love affair.


Starting a new chapter with my photography is both scary and exciting at the same time – scarciting, perhaps? – but it is a chapter I am looking forward to writing.


A camera is not often far from my hands, and whenever life takes me on an adventure, one of my ever-growing collection of cameras will always come along for the ride. I have been very lucky over the years to have the resources to travel to cities near and far, following the trails of lights and being enchanted by each city’s distinct atmosphere. Through blog posts, I will be sharing snippets of these wandering adventures, both past and present.


It will not just be cities that you will find here; you can expect a melting pot of:

Golden hours
My hometown – London
Street Art 
Seaside moments 
Twinkly lights & plenty of bokeh
A rainbow of colours 

And much, much more. It is life itself that interests me, with all the moments it contains, big and small, creating a tapestry of photographs that capture the intricacies of it all.


My hope is that in the process of following one of my dreams, I can inspire others.

Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way, and hoping you will come along for the ride!


All photographs are from a trip to one of my other loves, New York City, in December 2012.


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